Relationship Awareness Theory : An Overview

It is part of the human condition to attribute motive to others’ behavior. Relationship Awareness Theory is a self-learning model for effectively and accurately understanding and inferring the motive behind the behavior.

Relationship Awareness? gives organizations and individuals the awareness and skills they need to build more effective personal and professional relationships. It helps them to sustain those relationships through understanding the underlying Motivational Value Systems? of themselves and others under two conditions:

1. When things are going well

2. During conflict

The theory helps people to recognize that they can choose their behaviors to accommodate their underlying values, while also taking into account the values of others. It is a dynamic and powerful way of looking at human relationships that aids in building communication, trust, empathy, and effective, productive relationships.

The Theory (and the psychometric tests which are based on it) were developed by psychologist, clinical therapist, educator, and author Elias H. Porter, Ph.D.

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About the Theory :: A brief overview of Relationship Awareness Theory