Have a Nice Conflict Learning Experience

The Having a Nice Conflict Learning Experience

HANCfolder_RGBThis 2-day, participant-centered learning experience builds on the bestselling business book, Have a Nice Conflict. It offers participants a way to dramatically increase self-awareness and emotional intelligence by understanding their reactions to conflict and the affect they have on others. Using real-world situations, participants learn to understand the motives and strengths of others?empowering them to choose behaviors that will make them more effective in business and personal settings.

The 5 Keys to Having a Nice Conflict emphasize practical, easy-to-use skills that can be applied immediately.

Who Should Attend?

This program is ideal for any organization struggling with conflict or wanting to enhance team cohesiveness. The theory and skills apply to anyone?senior executive to entry-level employee?while the design of the course encourages easy, discreet, and open dialogue.

Course Details

Using the theater as a metaphor, participants will “take the stage” in this unique and memorable program. Two key skill areas are developed: preventing conflict and managing conflict. After learning about the strengths and conflict triggers of self and others, participants are given the opportunity to break down conflict case studies as a group while privately looking at conflicts they may be facing on their own. This course is designed for optimal learning transfer and sustainable behavior change.

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Have a Nice Conflict Delivery Options

Open Enrollment Courses: [View Schedule]

In-house Training: Personal Strengths offer customized in-house facilitation of this course at your choice of locations.

Organizational Licensing: Organizations may enter a license agreement to have facilitators trained to deliver this program. SDI? Certification is a pre-requisite for program facilitators.

All Personal Strengths workshops come with a money-back, satisfaction guarantee.

“Turning conflict into opportunity is a blend of skill and art best not left to learning by trial and costly error. I found myself putting the insights to use the same day.”

?Ron Campbell, President, Center for Leadership Studies, Situational Leadership

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