Where’s Your Arrow? SDI 1-2-1 Experience


Click a button above to order a Strength Deployment Inventory? online at a special discount. The Relationship Session allows for a dynamic conversation that will explore each individuals’ results as well as how those results may play out in the relationship. Relationship Sessions are ideal for two people who value positive, productive interactions (i.e. Manager/Direct Report, Peer/Peer, Husband/Wife, etc.)

CoachingCallYour purchase of an SDI 1-2-1 Experience includes a 1-hour call with a certified SDI facilitator to discuss your results. As soon as your payment (via PayPal) has been authorized, you will receive an e-mail with a link to your online assessment(s). If you do not see an e-mail within 2 hours, first check your spam folders and then call us at 760-602-0086.

The SDI should take approximately 20 minutes to complete. You will be contacted by Personal Strengths after completing your assessment to find a convenient time for your debrief call with a certified SDI facilitator. Your SDI results and an SDI Interpretive Guide will be shared with you during your debrief.

More questions? Call us at 760-602-0086.ScoreTri_Scored2RGB

NOTE: This SDI 1-2-1 Experience is currently only available to US residents only. For more information and offers in other parts of the world, please contact your local Personal Strengths office found here.

Want to get SDI Certified?

Your payment for an SDI 1-2-1 Experience will be credited on your registration fee for any public SDI Level 1 Certification course if you register within 30-days of ordering your SDI 1-2-1. Call 760-602-0086 with your transaction ID to take advantage of this credit.