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Nothing damages good relationships like bad conflict. When you choose to have a nice conflict, you’re applying an approach that gets you the results you seek while leaving the relationship stronger and restoring the self-worth of everyone involved. And Have a Nice Conflict offers invaluable techniques for preventing most conflicts from even starting. The bestselling business book follows the journey of John Doyle as he fights to save his relationships and rescue his sinking career. The book and learning experience reveal practical, memorable relationship-building and conflict management techniques.

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“A must read for anyone who wants to master the crucial skill of preventing and navigating conflict.”

—Joseph Grenny, New York Times bestselling co-author of Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When Stakes are High

“With a powerful message that’s certain to improve your relationships at work and at home, Have a Nice Conflict is not only a wonderfully fun read, it’s also a solidly credible one. Read, learn, and enjoy.”

—Jim Kouzes, co-author, The Leadership Challenge and Executive Fellow of Leadership, Leavey School of Business, Santa Clara University

“A gem! This book is packed with secrets for resolving conflict and attaining success. Read it now!”

“This programme enables insights into key aspect of the human condition that affect every interaction in every context.”

 Daniel Snowden, Head of Overseas Learning and Development

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In this book, you’ll find:

  • Specific techniques and a practical approach to preventing and managing conflicts.
  • A relational approach to conflict that gets tangible results while enhancing your relationships.
  • Ways to identify conflict triggers in ourselves and others.
  • The Five Keys to Having a Nice Conflict [view a summary]
  • An engaging story you won’t be able to put down

Based on the research of pioneering psychologist, clinical therapist, and educator Dr. Elias H. Porter (1914 – 1987), Have a Nice Conflict is grounded in sound psychological theory and proven in practice for over 40 years. Relationship Awareness Theory, (the basis of the book and learning experience), is a self-learning model for effectively and accurately understanding and inferring the motive behind the behavior. It is a dynamic and powerful way of looking at human relationships that aids in building communication, trust, empathy, and productive relationships.

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HAVE A NICE CONFLICT: How to find success and satisfaction in the most unlikely places…

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Written by
Tim Scudder,
Michael Patterson &
Kent Mitchell