Endorsements & Reviews

“A great introduction to knowing yourself and collaborating effectively with others. It’s also a good read; you won’t be able to put it down.”

-Michael Maccoby, PhD, author of The Leaders We Need, and What Makes Us Follow

“Turning conflict into opportunity is a blend of skill and art best not left to learning by trial and costly error. The authors brilliantly take you through John Doyle’s personal and professional journey. I found myself putting the insights to use the same day I read the book!”

-Ron Campbell, President, Center for Leadership Studies, Situational Leadership

“A must read for anyone who wants to master the crucial skill of preventing and navigating conflict.?

-Joseph Grenny, New York Times bestselling co-author of Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When Stakes are High

?With a powerful message that?s certain to improve your relationships at work and at home, Have a Nice Conflict is not only a wonderfully fun read, it’s also a solidly credible one. Read, learn, and enjoy.?

-Jim Kouzes, coauthor, The Leadership Challenge and Executive Fellow of Leadership, Leavey School of Business, Santa Clara University

?The authors seek to empower readers to become masters of their own conflict and control their own lives. Have a Nice Conflict is a powerful read for anyone who wants to be able to diffuse life?s conflicts more effectively.?

-The Midwest Book Review

?I absolutely cannot say enough nice things about this book! Have a Nice Conflict is a wonderfully informative book about an all-important topic: how to resolve conflict in the most balanced way and in a way that won?t turn us into victims.?


?We all need a roadmap to navigate today?s challenges. Have a Nice Conflict clearly details how to prevent, manage, and resolve personal and professional conflicts. Sound advice is provided through a quick read story. A must for those desiring to build partnerships with a positive win/win outcome. Recommended reading for every member of your organization.?

-Donna L. Crisp, Rear Admiral, USN (Ret), CPT, CEO of The Crisp Atwood Group, LLC

“The authors come to market with a book based on real results, not conceptual models alone. Their approach works and they demonstrate how it may be applied in diverse situations.”

-Dr. Roger Kaufman, professor and director, Office for Needs Assessment and Planning at Florida State University, Fellow of the American Psychological Association

“This little book is deceptive in its brevity for it contains powerful tools for navigating conflict. Have a Nice Conflict brings clarity to the often enigmatic world of relationships. The concepts in this book are profoundly accessible and thought provoking. As a project manager this book has brought tremendous value to establishing and maintaining healthy working relationships. Whether you are looking to improve job effectiveness or your personal relationships, Have a Nice Conflict offers powerful tools for transformation. You owe it to yourself to read this book!”

-Amber Chapman, Senior Project Manager, Takeda Pharmaceuticals

“This book gives a positive and easy to remember methodology or system to deal with conflicts, both large and small.”

-Peggy Thurmond, Ed.D, CPA, Financial Consultant and former CFO, McGladrey Capital Markets

“With Have a Nice Conflict, the authors have captured the music and drama–and sometimes humor of real-time conflict as well as a road map for how to manage and avoid the conflicts we find ourselves in everyday.”

-Hile Rutledge, Chief Executive Officer and Owner of OKA (Otto Kroeger Associates) and author of Type Talk At Work, The MBTI Introduction Workbook and Reversing Forward

“The best learning comes from stories. This story guarantees embedded learning. And during that hard-wiring process, you will not want to put the book down. The book is well written, full of good wit, with memorable Relationship Awareness Theory throughout.”

-Susan M. Hahn, PCC, President, Swan Consulting Group, Inc., author of The Imposter Phenomenon and Through the Eyes of Those Who Know, co-author of The Spirit of Women Entrepreneurs

“Finally ? a clear and extremely enjoyable way to learn effective and practical techniques to improve all of your relationships. You will learn how to communicate in a way that achieves the results you desire.”

-Jacob C. Reinbolt, Intellectual Property Partner, Procopio, Cory, Hargreaves & Savitch LLP

“An outstanding philosophy for everyone, it goes beyond theory, and presents practical and realistic solutions that can be easily tailored to any real-world situation. It works!”

-David Cross, Ed. D., Pilot, United Airlines; Adjunct Professor, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

“This engaging book wonderfully illustrates skills that will help you turn the conflicts of your daily life into seeds of positive change…and it shows you how to do it!”

-Tony LoRe, CEO/Founder, Youth Mentoring Connection/ Urban Oasis, Speaker and Expert on Mentoring, Author of The Prospecting Planner, Curriculum at the Center for Entrepreneurism, Multiple Mentor Trainings and “Two Minute Mentor Tips”

HANCBookJB_3D_RGBsmHave a Nice Conflict does a superb job of distilling key personnel concepts into a succinct format that will be of great benefit to managers and employees alike. This narrative volume presents the enduring management principles of psychologist Elias Porter in an eminently sensible and approachable way. The authors use a case example to illuminate fundamental concepts in a manner that is both compelling and readable. A definite addition to the personnel management bookshelf.”

-Morgan T. Sammons, PhD, ABPP, Dean, California School of Professional Psychology

“As a Leadership Professor and Corporate Trainer, I had always believed that Emotional Intelligence was something you are born with. I believe this book now affirms that E. I. can be learned, enhanced, and that it can be developed like any other skill.”

-Dr. S. Jeannette Guignard, Corporate Training Instructor, Chaffey College and Business & Management Instructor, UC Riverside Extension

“With many of the latest popular business books, I fail to make the link from theory to the practical application of their contents. Because of the storybook format and application to relationships beyond business in Have a Nice Conflict, the link from theoretical to practical was obvious. Once I began seeing myself in the behaviors of one of the main characters, I couldn’t put it down. Have a Nice Conflict heightened my understanding of Relationship awareness Theory and kindled a desire to learn more!”

-Jonathan McGrael, Director of Training and Development, Arbor Pharmaceuticals

Have A Nice Conflict offers a refreshingly candid look at conflict ? both internal and interpersonal ? with practical tips on how to more effectively navigate the conflict in your life.”

-Judy Rannow, Professional Development Consultant, former Director of Workforce Development, Portage County Business Council Foundation

“Parables are powerful learning opportunities and have been for thousands of years. Have A Nice Conflict is no exception! This simple story, that most of us will find all too familiar, creates a clear connection between the conflict we experience in our personal and professional lives, our motivation, our behavior, and the poor results we achieve in our relationships. Most people are conflict averse, primarily because we feel our self-worth threatened and we are unsure how to manage or resolve conflict. Have A Nice Conflict helps us understand conflict, along with the motivation, behaviors and emotions that go along with it, and then capitalize on the incredible opportunity to improve our relationships and the results we desire most. A simple parable that can help each of us improve our self-awareness, our relationships, and our business results. A very compelling read!”

-Stephan E Childs, Principle, 4R Learning Solutions

“Conflict: if you want to recognize it sooner, resolve it quicker and get better results?read this book!”

-Chuck Maisch, President, S?d-Chemie Inc.

Have A Nice Conflict is the perfect resource to use in working with student groups, faculty and staff. The authors weave the theory and its practical application in a wonderful and humorous story. As the student disciplinary officer of the college, it is also a helpful tool in mediating conflict to a successful outcome for all parties involved.”

-Dr. Nikki Schaper, Associate Dean of Student Services, MiraCosta College, CA

“Conflict surrounds us every day in our business and personal lives. Have a Nice Conflict enables the reader to understand the source of these conflicts and the tools that can be used to avoid and address conflict that leads to more fulfilling relationships and positive outcomes.”

-Jeff Tucker, Partner, Advantage Performance Group

“This book tells a compelling story that will surely change how you view conflict. You will recognize conflict as a natural occurrence and one, if leveraged effectively, can result in stronger relationships and give you a unique skill set to use both professionally and personally.”

-Rob McCune, Senior Consultant, Delta Point Inc.

“A gem! This book is packed with secrets for resolving conflict and attaining success. Read it now!”

-Mike Song, Co-author, The Hamster Revolution: Manage Your Email Before it Manages You